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Middle School And High School - 881 Words

Growing up I had one favorite class, that class, surprisingly, was English. I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico on May 9th, 1998 and was brought to the United States at the age of two. When my parents tried to enroll me into a pre-kindergarten program they were told that it was unnecessary because I was way beyond my age group. My parents told me that it was from all of the Scooby-Doo shows I watched growing up. When kindergarten arrived, I was still forced to take an English Learners class so I could get the best help that I could get to improve my English skills. I remember sitting in that class watching all the other students have a difficult time pronouncing simple words that they should be able to say by now. I stayed in that class until†¦show more content†¦In 10th grade I had an English teacher by the name of Mrs. Hurley. The school year started with me disliking her, I thought she was extremely rude and was just cranky all the time. In her class is where I read my first Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet she made that unit extremely amusing. She had us split into families and we would have battles, they consisted of games and quizzes. I was Lord Capulet and my team won of course. After 10th grade she became my advisory teacher in 12th grade. She easily became one of my favorite teachers that constantly teased me on my obsession with Adele. The teacher that made the biggest impact in my life was Mrs. Marn. She was an extremely caring teacher, she did not like watching her students fail. She made sure that everyone had everything they needed to be successful. She was, I believe, one of the best English teacher Brooklyn Center High School has ever had. Her passion for books were out of this world. She talked about authors as if though she has met them. She reminded me of a hippie in some sorts. She was very open with us and I was close to her. She was my teacher for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I read, The Catcher in The Rye in her class and she tore t hat book up piece by piece, explaining every motive and how innocence is huge part of that book. She was my teacher for the college in the schools’ courses that I took. I felt like I failed her in those classes, she expected way more of me and I did not perform toShow MoreRelatedThe High School Of Middle School Essay1179 Words   |  5 Pagesbelieve â€Å"ignorance is bliss† while others believe it is better to know everything. If I had continued the last month of my seventh grade year in ignorance, I would of been better off. Seventh grade, the middle of middle school. Some people did not like middle school at all, personally I loved middle school, especially seventh grade. The reason seventh grade was this magical year is simple a boy was talking to me. Not just any boy, a boy with beautiful amber brown eyes, fluffy brown hair and one of theRead MoreMiddle School And High School1742 Words   |  7 PagesMiddle school and high school were very different for me. Both schools lack diversity and consisted of people just like me, but in middle school everyone’s identity were practically the same. I attended Catholic school until high school and had all white classes until then too. Throughout middle school I was a rather mischievous student who did not place academics too highly on my list of priorities, so I was often making the teacher’s job much harder than it needed to be. If not for how involvedRead MoreHigh School And Middle School1458 Words   |  6 PagesThe junior high school and middle school is basically the same thing. Today we still have junior high schools but the mostly named that way because of the historically context. Looking at my notes taken from this year, middle schools span from 6 th to 8 th grade, the schedule is flexible and block depending on the class. Teachers have interdisciplinary teams and they work together as a grade level instead of working on common classes they teach. Lastly in the middle scho ol, everyone is a teamRead MoreHigh School And Middle School Essay1614 Words   |  7 PagesAs you enter freshmen year you will immediately notice the differences between high school and middle school. Change will be inevitable. With a new building to explore, new faces in the halls, and a new schedule to memorize nothing will be the same. Most importantly, the biggest change you will notice will be the change within yourself. Transitioning from middle school to high school means growing, it means taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. How you change will depend on yourRead MoreThe Middle School And High School Essay1060 Words   |  5 PagesAlmost all people have gone through it and know the difficulties and challenges of being a freshman in high school. Not only do freshman skills and attitudes grow before your eyes, but their bodies also morph so quickly that you barely even recognize your students by the end of the year (Donegan, 2008). The review of litera ture has shown that the transition from middle school to high school is extremely difficult in all facets of a teenager’s life. Freshman students are challenged academicallyRead MoreGraduation Speech : School, Middle School And High School870 Words   |  4 PagesGrammar school, middle school, and most high schools share one thing in common; they offer the same basic history, math, English, science, and social science course. By the time high school comes around students have already learned the same things again but only this time it is harder and more in depth. College becomes a time that a student really begins to learn about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. When applying to college, applicants don’t apply to learn math, English, historyRead MoreDrug Testing For High Schools And Middle Schools1301 Words   |  6 PagesPersuading kids to not do drugs is a tough subject to approach as parents and teachers. When it comes to kids being unhappy, they will more than likely hear that drugs bring happiness to them. With drug testing involved in high schools and middle schools. The students should see that it is no longer an option to do drugs in order for their own self happiness. Students can result to other options that are more acceptable to society, and not to mention activities that are legal. Although these kidsRead MoreHigh School / Middle School Science Teacher862 Words   |  4 PagesI want to be a high school/middle school science teacher. I want to teach kids, to show them that the world is their playground. That they can do anything and everything they put their little, bright, energetic minds too. Education is the world I’m putting myself into. I’ve known since I was four that wanted to work with kids, so teaching was the. I get to show them a whole new world full of advantage, and excitement. I get to see them make connections, to make that jump from the norm, inside theRead MoreThe Transition Through Middle School And High School890 Words   |  4 Pagesunexpectedly as it does. The transition through middle school and high school has changed me thoroughly. I’ve learned that high school has made me smarter for who to trust and judge people more than I usually do. High school gave me more options, viewpoints, and ideas. I mature in almost every way, and learn more about myself for what I’m good at. There will be hard times but eventually get through them. It started when I was a freshman in high school. It was a 10-minute walk from my house. I gotRead MoreThe Transition between Middle School and High School1748 Words   |  7 Pagestransition between middle and high school; many make it through this transition. I apparently, wasn’t good enough for that transition, and I didn’t get in. I also didn’t even apply for the spot, so this not getting in thing made no sense to me on the first day. However, later on, I discovered that it mattered a lot more than I had first thought. Mostly because it basically sealed my fate for the rest of my life. Suffice to say, I am the single unluckiest person in this whole school. Unrivaled by anyone

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