Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Persuasive Essay Bullying free essay sample

The definition of music according to dictionary. com states; Music ( n) an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. If you look back through history you will see many ways history has influenced music, and how music has done the same for history. In the beginning music was used as a tool for communication on the battlefield as well as a recreational pastime. Now we use music to communicate our emotions or show our patriotism. The greatest example of this would be the song â€Å"Where were you when the world stopped turning† by Alan Jackson. The song gives perspective on the historical events of September 11th and the emotions we all felt. Through out history popular music has changed, however popular music has always played a decisive role in every aspect of society. For the Greeks and Romans, Music played a very vital role in times of battle. We will write a custom essay sample on Persuasive Essay Bullying or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In that time period it was very difficult to communicate with troops over a long distance. So to help that problem â€Å"Both used brass and percussion instruments to send information on the march, in the field and in camp† (Trotter, 2005, page 1). Also during this time music played a large part in society, you can see signs of this because â€Å"Musicians were even employed to travel with the armies to play to remind solders and citizens of the courage of past hero’s† (Trotter, 2005, page 1). Now as we move forward through time, to the United States. Even during the Civil War we were still using music to communicate on the battle field. The United States employed the use of drum and fifes to convey information to troops. As well as give a recreational pastime. However as time passed the development of communication had replaced the use if sending information. As times were changing so was the use of music on society. Music has always been used as a form of patriotism. â€Å"Yankee Doodle of 1776, by A. M. Willard, Typifies music’s wartime role throughout the ages- both as a means of battlefield communication and as a way to generate patriotism and bravery† (Library of Congress). After WWII the three note opening of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 was even used as a patriotic song to signify victory for the United States. Patriotic music has been created for many historical events here are just a few; American Soldier by Toby Keith for War, Where were you when the world stopped turning by Alan Jackson for the 9/11 tragedies, It’s a new day by Will I Am for President Obama and his presidential election campaign. However during times of war now we use music to boost morale for solders. We have many artists travel over seas into hostile environments just to give the men and woman who serve our country a sense of home. â€Å"Children spend approximately10,500 hours listening to music during their school-age year. To highlight the significance of this number, consider that this is only five hundred hours less than the hours they spend in school over their entire twelve year enrollment† (White and Mcormack 2006, page 125). If we take music and apply it to the classroom, we will not run the risk of history being lost on our youth. If you take much of the popular music of today and show how they relate to current events. Popular music can be an enhancement when students see the meanings of the lyrics to a real-world context. They realize music’s effect on society and how it is. Most recent music genres and many individual contemporary artists include examples of songs that contain social commentary or historical references† (White and Mcormack 2006, page 123). If history is applied to music it will make learning fun and increase retention. Through out history popular music has changed, however popular music has always played a decisive role in every aspect of society. Music plays a very intricate role in all of our lives. With music we can convey information, emotion, pride, anger and fear. These are all qualities that go hand in hand with history.Music will be and always has been the universal language through every part of history and the society that surrounds it.

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